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Letters of Endorsement

Oscar Beilke, Retired Sheriff, Calumet County Sheriff's Dept.

I am writing this letter in regard to the upcoming Calumet County Sheriff’s election that will take place on Tuesday, August 14, 2018. This is a primary election where political parties choose the candidate they would like to represent them in the general election in November. 

Both candidates for the Calumet County Sheriff Primary are running on the Republican ballot, therefore, the candidate elected in this primary election will become the next Sheriff because there will be no sheriff candidate on the democratic ballot in the general election in November. I have fully endorsed Lieutenant/Undersheriff Mark Wiegert to become Sheriff of Calumet County. Lieutenant/Undersheriff Wiegert has been employed at the Calumet Co Sheriff’s Department for more than 24 years. Mark has worked as a patrol officer, investigator/sergeant, to his current position where he supervises investigations and the jail. 

Lieutenant/Undersheriff Wiegert’s extensive education and hands-on experience with the sheriff’s department certainly more than qualifies him to be a great sheriff for Calumet County. 

Lieutenant/Undersheriff Wiegert has been recognized for his excellent in law enforcement, receiving several awards throughout his career, including the distinguished Police Officer of the Year Award from the Wisconsin Professional Police Association; Meritorious Service Award from the Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators, Outstanding Advocate Award from the Wisconsin Victim Witness Professional Association, and Award of Recognition from the Wisconsin Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators. 

As a past Sheriff of Calumet County, I can assure you that Lieutenant/Undersheriff Wiegert is a dedicated, professional law enforcement officer who will honorably protect and serve the citizens of Calumet County as your next Sheriff. Vote Tuesday, August 14 … your vote does count! Oscar E. Beilke Retired Sheriff of Calumet County

Peter Thelen, Retired Special Agent in Charge, WI Dept. of Justice

It is without hesitation that I support Mark Wiegert, current Undersheriff/ Lieutenant in the Calumet County Sheriff's Department, in his bid for Sheriff of Calumet County. 

I retired from law enforcement in Wisconsin in 2014 after a 27-year career. The final 20 years of my career were spent with the Wisconsin Department of Justice--Division of Criminal Investigation as Special Agent and a Special Agent in-Charge.  During my law enforcement career, I worked with several agencies throughout Wisconsin, including the Calumet County Sheriff’s Department. Through this, I had the opportunity to work with Undersheriff/Lieutenant Wiegert, first as an investigator and later as he assumed a role in management. I can attest that Wiegert always displayed a great deal of professionalism and knowledge. The level of commitment Undersheriff/Lieutenant Wiegert shows not only to his department, but also to his community, is unmatched.  

Undersheriff/Lieutenant Wiegert has worked tirelessly to rid Calumet County of crime. In addition, he is often the first to take the lead in suggesting new strategies to keep the citizens of Calumet County safe. I have often witnessed Wiegert showing leadership and great vision on several issues and when working with other agencies.  Wiegert is one of the finest law enforcement officers that I have had the honor of working with. He has an excellent work ethic, was an outstanding investigator and leader, and is extremely conscientious. His integrity is beyond reproach. In summary, I highly recommend Mark Wiegert for Calumet County Sheriff. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to offer my comments.  

Bill Tyson, Chilton

I met Mark Wiegert 25 years ago when both of us were young officers patrolling Calumet County Highways.  Besides getting to know Mark as a police officer, I got to know him as a person.  I learned he was raised in Valders and was the son of a former Village of Valders Police Chief.  He told me stories when back in the day he assisted his mom and dad with emergency calls that came to their residence because the Valders ambulance service had been run by his parents out of their family home. Mark also volunteered with the Valders Fire Department.  

Throughout those years as young patrolmen, we assisted each other on some of the most tragic, horrifying calls one could imagine.  He always impressed me because even at those tragic calls he was always willing to be the guy to be in charge of the incident.  It was really no surprise to anyone when Mark received a promotion to be an Investigator.    After a very successful career as an investigator, Lieutenant/Undersheriff Mark Wiegert chose to join the management team and is currently the Calumet County Jail Administrator and also supervises Calumet County’s current investigators. 

 Mark has been instrumental with the planning process for our new county jail. Mark also is in charge of the Calumet County Drug Task Force.  Mark has seen Calumet County grow from 32,000 people to 50,000 people and understands what resources will be needed from a law enforcement perspective.  On June 9th, 2018, the sworn officers within the Sheriff’s Department chose to put endorsing a sheriff candidate on their union agenda.  They voted overwhelmingly to endorse Mark Wiegert as their next sheriff.  They want him to be their next boss.  I couldn’t agree more.     Mark Wiegert has been a county officer for 25 years.  Join me on August 14th and let’s make him Calumet County’s next sheriff.  

Jerry Pagel, Retired Sheriff, Calumet County Sheriff's Dept.

As a former Sheriff for the great citizens of Calumet County, I am urging you to vote for Mark Wiegert as your next Sheriff in the Primary Election on August 14th.  Mark is currently the Undersheriff for Sheriff Ott.  Mark also administers the duties associated with the jail and the Investigative Bureau.  He has the qualifications and vast knowledge needed as your next Sheriff.  Compare Mark’s qualifications against those of his opponent and I am sure you will agree.  The current Sheriff and the former Sheriffs of Calumet County are endorsing Mark.  They know that he possesses the necessary leadership to provide the services that the citizens of Calumet County expect and deserve.  Fire Chiefs, fire fighters and others associated with law enforcement in Calumet County are also endorsing Mark Wiegert.  While comparing the qualifications of both candidates, also compare the endorsements.  We need to maintain the integrity of the office of Sheriff.  A vote for Mark Wiegert is a vote for experience, leadership and integrity.  Vote Mark Wiegert as your next Sheriff on August 14th.  Former Sheriff Jerry Pagel, Chilton

Nathan Haberman, Calumet County District Attorney

Voters this year have an important decision to make on who is going to lead the Calumet County Sheriff’s Department.  As the Calumet County District Attorney, I routinely work with all law enforcement agencies within our county, including both candidates.  As a Republican, my vote during the Republican Primary on August 14th is going to be for Mark Wiegert.    As in most elections these days, there are plenty of ads and information pushed out to the public often criticizing a candidate.  But, I chose to focus on the most important details when I made my choice.  

First, one of the biggest responsibilities for the incoming Calumet County Sheriff will be to continue overseeing the planning and construction of the new Calumet County Jail.  Without a doubt, this is a project that is desperately needed for many reasons.  As the current jail supervisor, Lieutenant Wiegert is more intimately familiar with the deficits of the current jail and the changes that are needed.  Frankly, he is the only candidate with experience operating a county jail.  Wiegert has already been working with other leaders in Calumet County to ensure the new jail is done properly.  Given the cost of this project to the taxpayers and the intricacies of this type of construction, ensuring the new jail is done correctly must be top priority.  Wiegert’s experience with jail administration makes him the obvious choice to ensure the jail project is done properly.  

Second, the Sheriff is the head of his department.  Naturally, a person from within the  department already has a working relationship with others in the department.  I was impressed that the Calumet County Deputy Association endorsed Lieutenant Wiegert.  The significance is that Wiegert’s peer’s and co-workers publicly have stated that they want him as their boss.  Not only does this reflect their confidence in Wiegert, but it demonstrates that Wiegert has earned their respect.   The Deputy Association could have easily taken no position in this election just like they have done in the past.  Instead, they chose to speak to the public and make their position known.  Also during this campaign I have witnessed several of the best and brightest employees of the Sheriff’s Department dedicate their personal time to assist Wiegert during his campaign.  These employees have committed themselves because they believe that Lieutenant Wiegert is the most qualified candidate for Sheriff.  Finally, the current Sheriff, Mark Ott, has also chosen Wiegert has his choice.  Think about this…who else is going to have the best opportunity to know what it takes to be Sheriff?   

Third, I have been thoroughly impressed with Lieutenant Wiegert’s work ethic.  In my experience I have found Lieutenant Wiegert to be one of the top “go to” persons in the county.  If I need answers during an investigation or I need additional investigation to be completed, I can guarantee that after one call to Lieutenant Wiegert, things will get done.  Most importantly, Lieutenant Wiegert is the person that I want to be responsible for the most serious situation.  For example, when there has been a homicide, there is no one that I would rather have leading the investigation then Wiegert.  I have the utmost faith that Lieutenant Wiegert will handle any situation properly, ethically, and fairly.    In my conversations with Lieutenant Wiegert I have also found that he is very open minded about expanding, improving, and updating his department.  Lieutenant Wiegert and I share a similar approach to our profession and management styles by examining and re-examining the way we do things by asking ourselves: “Why are we doing this?” “Is this working?” “Is there a better way?”  Self-reflection and willingness to reevaluate are qualities that I want in my Sheriff.    Put the politics aside, and join me in focusing on what matters.  When you do, Mark Wiegert will be your vote too.    

Mark Ott, Sheriff, Calumet County

My name is Mark Ott and I am endorsing Mark Wiegert for Sheriff of Calumet County. I have known Mark for the last 25 years. As a leader in Law Enforcement I look for those same qualities in future leaders. Having worked with Mark I believe that he is the candidate that best represents what one would like in a Sheriff. He has served Calumet County for almost 25 years starting as a patrol deputy working his way up to a Sgt in the Investigators office, now serving as Lieutenant /Undersheriff. He has supervised the jail and Investigations unit for the last 8 years. Mark is well respected by his peers and those outside his department receiving several awards for his work including officer of the year in 2008. He has been endorsed by Calumet County Law Enforcement as well as Fire Chiefs throughout the County.  Please Vote Mark Wiegert for Calumet County Sheriff on August 14th. Your Vote does Count!

Gary L. Lemke, President, Village of Potter

I have known Mark Wiegert for many years. He has been very accommodating in assisting with our Neighborhood Watch Program and is always readily available in matters concerning law enforcement in the Potter community.  I find him to be very thorough and fair when investigating, always finding out the facts before acting on an issue. I strongly endorse Mark to be the next Sheriff of Calumet County.

Jeff Wisnet, Lead Fire Investigator, Harrison Fire & Rescue

I am writing to endorse Mark Wiegert for Sheriff of Calumet County. As the Lead Fire Investigator for Harrison Fire and Rescue, I have had the privilege of working with Mark Wiegert for several years and appreciate his assistance in helping us with fire investigations. His professionalism is matched by his knowledge. He would be a tremendous asset to this county and is hands down the best candidate for Sheriff. I hereby pledge my support for Mark and thank him for his help.

Gary J. Hemauer, Hilbert

I retired June 1st, after working 39 years for the Calumet County Sheriff's Department.  Lieutenant Wiegert was my immediate supervisor for the last eight years.  He has the experience and knowledge to lead the department.  I have the utmost respect for him and urge you to vote Wiegert For Sheriff on August 14. Mark is the most qualified to be the next Sheriff of Calumet County.

Barbara VanAkkeren, Retired, Calumet County Clerk of Courts

I am writing this letter to express my support for Lieutenant Mark Wiegert to be the next Sheriff of Calumet County.  Over the past 24 years, I have known LT Wiegert to be an honest, hard-working family man who carries himself with a high degree of integrity and professionalism.  

When LT Wiegert began his law enforcement career as a patrol officer with the Calumet County Sheriff’s Department in 1994, I was serving as the Clerk of Court.  Throughout my tenure as Clerk of Court, I watched LT Wiegert grow professionally, advancing through the ranks of the Sheriff’s Department, from patrol officer to a sergeant investigator and ultimately Lieutenant.  Based on said stature, LT Wiegert was appointed our current Undersheriff.    

My professional interactions with LT Wiegert allowed opportunities to observe LT Wiegert in a courtroom setting, where he was called to testify on multiple occasions.  LT Wiegert always carried himself with a high degree of integrity and professionalism.  LT Wiegert is well trained throughout the Sheriff’s Dept.  When a fellow employee is off duty, LT Wiegert is capable and willing to fill the post.  Whether it be in the jail, the office or in the courtroom.    

 I have also had the privilege to get to know LT Wiegert and his family on a personal level.  LT Wiegert is a husband and father committed to providing for his family.  While the demands of his job are a priority, he maintains a healthy work-life balance, which makes him able to maximize his professional potential, thus benefitting the entire community.  I personally observed LT Wiegert handle a “person in need” within the community “away from the job.”  He is there to be involved and to protect.  It is without reservation that I support LT Wiegert in his efforts to become Sheriff.  With his degree of integrity, commitment, and authenticity, Calumet County would be fortunate to have LT Wiegert as their next Sheriff.  

Paul Preissner

 I am a retired police officer with the Calumet Count Sheriff’s Department with 28 years of service to the, and I whole hardily support Mark Wiegert for Sheriff of Calumet County.  

I worked with Mark for fifteen years and I know for a fact his abilities as a police officer are unmatched and that him becoming Sheriff is not something he takes lightly.  He is a police officer that completely has the the citizens of Calumet County foremost in his sights for their protection and well being.  I was always awake of Mark’s fairness and common sense approach in the law enforcement situations he dealt with and I always knew he was “one of the good guys at the Sheriff’s Department” and for that he was respected by all his fellow officers.

I often kidded Mark when I did a traffic stop and saw from their drivers license they were from Valders, where Mark grew up.  I would always ask them if they knew Mark Wiegert, and I would always here from them “what a great guy Mark was and how he was tireless in contributed to their village.”  One person told me “Mark was the hardest working person in Valders” and I always kidded Mark about that...but I knew he was so well respected in his hometown of Valders.

Mark brought that same respect to The Calumet Count Sheriff’s Department and I am proud to call him a friend.  I hope you join me and I thank you for voting for Mark Wiegert for Sheriff of Calumet County on August 14th.

Paul Preissner 826 (Retired) Calumet County Sheriff’s Department 


Endorsed by his peers

Mark has been endorsed by leaders throughout Calumet County, including every Sheriff since 1997, as well as numerous peers who recognize his strong leadership skills and depth of experience at a county level:


  • Calumet County Sheriff Mark Ott
  • Former Calumet County Sheriffs Gerald Pagel and Oscar Beilke
  • Manitowoc County Sheriff Robert Hermann
  • Winnebago County Sheriff John Matz
  • Brown County Sheriff John Gossage
  • Kewaunee County Sheriff Matt Joski
  • Green Lake County Sheriff Mark Podoll
  • Dane County Sheriff David Mahoney
  • Kaukauna Police Chief John Manion
  • Former Chilton Police Chief Larry Seipel
  • Former New Holstein Police Chief and former Sheriff Ted Pagel


  • Calumet County District Attorney Nathan Haberman
  • City of Brillion Mayor Gary Deiter
  • Village of Harrison President Jim Salm
  • Village of Potter President Gary Lemke
  • Town of Stockbridge Supervisor Jeff Yelton


  • Jo Ann Mignon, Citizen of Brillion 
  • Dave Funkhauser, Citizen of Kiel 


  • Chilton Fire Chief Ben Schoenborn
  • Former Chilton Fire Chief Gary Halbach
  • Harrison Fire Chief Amos Mikkelson
  • Brillion Fire Chief Joey Diener
  • New Holstein Fire Chief Dennis Mayer
  • Hilbert Fire Chief Mike Loose
  • Potter Fire Chief Rob Schoen
  • Forest Junction Fire Chief Carl Weber

Reasons to elect Wiegert for sheriff: Mark is endorsed by the current sheriff and 3 past sheriffs.

Reasons to elect Wiegert for sheriff: Mark is endorsed by the current sheriff and 3 past sheriffs.