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Wiegert for Sheriff

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Mark Wiegert's Platform for Sheriff

Safe Communities

  • To ensure safer communities, we have also started offering active shooter situation training to businesses in Calumet County. While we hope a tragedy such as this would never happen in our community, we want to ensure we are prepared, should the unexpected occur.  I am committed to making sure all law enforcement in Calumet County are fully trained and prepared for an active shooter situation. I believe that the officers of the Sheriff’s Department, as well as all local police departments, are as good as anywhere in the country. I am proud to be one of them and look forward to the opportunity to lead them into the future.
  • I also believe in the expansion of the Calumet County Jail GPS (Global Positioning System) program for non-violent offenders. Statistics show that the GPS program helps reduce the rate of reoffenders and effectively reduces costs, while still being able to punish those who have committed crimes. The expansion of this program is a benefit for not only taxpayers, but the community as a whole.
  • I am also passionate about creating safe neighborhoods. For years I served as a Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, working with neighborhoods throughout Calumet County to ensure safer communities. Neighborhood Watch is a proactive, community-oriented endeavor that provides a unique infrastructure to bring together local officials, law enforcement and citizens for the protection of their communities. It is a viable program with proven effectiveness that I will continue to support if elected as your sheriff. 

School Safety

  • The safety of our schools and children is of utmost importance and something that I will continue to support if elected Sheriff. Already I have helped make progress in this area through the Calumet County Sheriff’s Department. I am part of a team that has started a consortium of schools, the Sheriff’s department and police departments in Calumet County. We meet regularly to discuss school safety and develop safety plans, and thus far we have revamped procedures so we now have standardized response  for all law enforcement throughout the county. This means that no matter where a situation would occur, we are all trained on how to quickly respond, and to do so consistently and effectively. 
  • Additionally, I spearheaded the nationally recognized ALERRT training for all law enforcement officers. This is the national standard on responding to an active shooter situation. As a trainer, I am currently working with all county police and fire chiefs, with a goal to develop a rescue task force and increasing the level of training. This training will provide police officers, fire fighters, paramedics and first responders the knowledge and understanding to effectively work together during an active shooter situation and get the wounded to medical care faster than ever before. We are also starting to provide this training to our local school districts.
  • I am the only candidate with the knowledge and experience to coordinate this type of program to help keep our schools safe. 

Fiscal Responsibility - New Facility

  • One of the biggest challenges facing the next Sheriff in the near future will be our growing space needs, including consideration to construct a new Sheriff’s Department and County Jail. With this type of building project, experience with jail operations is a must in order to make knowledgeable decisions for the proper design and classifications inside the facility. 
  • The Sheriff will need to be familiar with Wisconsin State code, a code by which every jail must adhere to, with respect to building codes and operations mandates. Having this knowledge will help ensure the right decisions are made up front and costly mistakes can be avoided.
  • I currently serve as Jail Administrator for Calumet County, making me well-suited for the tough decisions that will be necessary to take on this project. I am committed to fiscal responsibility during this construction project, while ensuring a well-built facility that will serve our community for years to come. 

Anti Bullying

  • Bullying can happen at any age, especially among school-age children. However, adults may also experience bullying, which has increased with the growth of social media.  It’s especially unsettling to see this type of behavior in adults. Studies have shown that children who see their parents bully (or an adult they look up to) are more likely to become bullies themselves. 
  • So what can we do about it? If elected as Sheriff of Calumet County, I promise to expand the anti-bullying efforts in our community. Law enforcement officers can play a critical role in this effort, and starting in the schools is important. 
  • Police School Liaisons (PSLs): We currently have PSLs in several school districts in our county. Because I oversee this division of the Sheriff’s Department I see firsthand the value they bring in developing relationships with students and building trust. I promise to do what I can to continue this presence in our school districts and provide increased education on bullying to law enforcement professionals, to ensure they know what to watch for and can help prevent its occurrence. Law enforcement also has unique skills in monitoring the behavior of large groups of individuals and being vigilant to signs of trouble.
  • Responding to bullying: I will also make sure that the PSLs and all county officers familiarize themselves with best practices in how to handle bullying situations. There are proven responses that work effectively, while others can actually be harmful. The Sheriff’s Department will continue to partner with schools to engage in proactive prevention activities and ensure we take the appropriate action in bullying situations.
  • It takes a community: I will strive to bring together the community – law enforcement, schools, parents, youth and residents of Calumet County – to work as one to fight bullying. We will increase our efforts to engage everyone in community prevention and response strategies through increased education, community programs and serving as a resource for Calumet County.
  • Law enforcement can be a key player to prevent and address bullying. Let’s work together to provide a safe and positive environment in our community! For more information on what you can do to prevent bullying, visit .

Fighting the Drug Problem

  •  I have eight years of experience as the County’s Drug Task Force Supervisor. The task force is made up of officers from the Sheriff’s Department, Brillion PD, Chilton PD, New Holstein PD, and Kiel PD. This multijurisdictional effort gives us the resources to do more drug enforcement throughout the county. 
  • We have been attacking the problem in many ways. We established our first K-9 unit several years ago and it has been a huge success. The Sheriffs Department is looking at adding its second K-9 in 2019. This will again ramp up our enforcement efforts. 
  • The Sheriff’s Department belongs to the Lake Winnebago Metropolitan Enforcement Group (MEG) and has made fighting drugs a priority. This unit fights the drug problem regionally and again gives us another valuable resource.
  • We have executed several drug enforcement saturation patrols over the past several years with success and plan to continue with these tactics. I am also working closely with the judicial system to develop creative and cost-efficient ways to deal with drug offenders.
  • I have been working with our Circuit Court Judge Froehlich to look at setting up a drug court which would streamline offenders through the justice system, mandating treatment, thus reducing recidivism and saving tax payer dollars. 
  • Stopping the drug problem will continue to be a huge focus of the Sheriff's Department when I am elected as your next sheriff.